Welcome to my photography website.

After a lifelong interest in wildlife and photography, the advent of digital photography and computers has made it much easier to pursue them both.

I was brought up near an RSPB reserve, and even worked for the RSPB for a short time on Fetlar in the Shetland Isles, helping to protect Britain's last pair of breeding snowy owls, before embarking on a more conventional career.

At home, my father generated a second income from portraiture and wedding photography. He seemed to spend much of his time in the darkroom of our Yorkshire house processing photographs. On holiday, we were constantly stopping for him to take shots or posing in cine films - we had to wear red jumpers especially for these occasions.

After university, I worked for Ilford in Cheshire developing emulsions for high speed camera films such as HP5. I did consider creating my own darkroom but it would have been quite messy in those days. Fortunately, I made the right decision to switch jobs before the advance of digital.

I bought a good DSLR and a few lenses a few years ago. So I have the equipment, but not enough time. Some of my best pictures are displayed on this site. Many were taken on specific wildlife holidays with Natures Images, others are from family holidays in the United Kingdom or my home area of Gloucestershire.

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